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Reasons to See an Orthodontist – Framingham, MA

Seeking Orthodontic Treatment at the Right Time

Overcrowding, gapped teeth, overbites, underbites, crossbites, open bites and impacted canines are all common problems a trusted orthodontist in Framingham can fix. With assistance from one of the many orthodontic appliances available, you can watch your smile transform and allow for improved oral health and aesthetics.

At Simply Orthodontics, Dr. Anna Simon and Dr. Sam Alkhoury are available to examine your smile and offer assistance when it comes to treating orthodontic problems. Their skill and expertise make them capable of providing high-quality care when dealing with minor or complex cases. No matter the problem, you can count on our team to be here for you. Simply call our office to schedule an appointment today!

A young female smiling and looking upward after a successful visit with her orthodontist in Framingham


An up-close image of a person’s crowded teeth on the lower arch

Do you struggle to prevent cavities, tooth decay, and gum disease? Are you finding it difficult to brush and floss between your teeth? If so, you may be suffering from overcrowding. When teeth are position too close together, these problems can develop over time, resulting in timely and costly procedures. Fortunately, with braces, our team can apply the necessary components and work to shift your teeth in the right direction, effectively creating space where needed and allowing for better oral health.

Gapped Teeth

A digital image of a row of teeth with a large gap between the two upper front two teeth

Although gapped teeth may seem “cute” or “adorable” as a child, this common problem can worsen over time and lead to many of the same issues as a person living with crowded teeth. Food particles and bacteria can easily become trapped, causing decay, cavities, and gum disease to develop. You may also feel self-conscious about your appearance. When starting treatment with braces, however, we can close the gap and bring your smile into better alignment, ensuring a reduced risk for oral health problems and a more beautiful aesthetic.


A digital image of a skeletal profile that shows a clear overbite

If your tooth enamel is wearing down and becoming thin, you may want to look at how your bite is coming together when closing your mouth. If you notice that your upper teeth stick out further than your bottom teeth, you have what is known as an overbite. Embarrassing for many patients, our team can apply the appropriate orthodontic appliance and move your teeth into proper alignment. This will minimize wear and tear to your tooth enamel and create a more pleasing appearance.


A digital view of what appears to be an underbite

Producing many of the same problems as an overbite, an underbite is when your lower teeth push out further than your upper row of teeth. You may feel self-conscious if you have an underbite, but you won’t for long if you seek professional care. With the help of a trusted orthodontist, you can watch as your bite realigns so that your teeth and jaw work harmoniously, no longer breaking down the tooth enamel.


The side profile digital image of a crossbite with the teeth overlapping

From a breakdown of tooth enamel to chronic jaw pain, if you have a crossbite, you’ll likely seek professional care sooner rather than later. When your upper teeth sit just behind your bottom teeth and appear to overlap in areas, the frustration that comes with a deterioration of your smile is enough to jump at the chance for braces. No matter the type of orthodontic treatment you receive, you will notice as your teeth move into proper alignment and create a more beautiful, fully functional smile.

Open Bite

A digital image of an open bite with the back teeth touch and the front teeth apart

An open bite more commonly occurs in individuals who practiced non-nutritive habits as a child (i.e., extended pacifier use or thumb-sucking). The back teeth will touch but the front teeth will not when you try to close your mouth. As a result, you can be left with worn down molars and premolars and pain in your jaw. The good news is that our team at Simply Orthodontics can remedy this problem using the right tools.

Impacted Canines

A digital image of impacted canine teeth

If your child has impacted canines, an orthodontist will need to bring these teeth down. This often happens when baby teeth remain, but to ensure their adult teeth erupt correctly, we can apply dental braces and essentially, lower these teeth for better oral health and aesthetics.

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