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5 Ways Getting Orthodontic Care Can Save You Money

5 Ways Getting Orthodontic Care Can Save You Money

July 8, 2021

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Orthodontic treatments like braces or Invisalign are a great way to help you achieve a straighter, prettier, and more confident smile. They’re also very important for making your mouth more comfortable and function, especially if you have severe bite problems. But did you know that orthodontics could end up saving you money as well? Many people wonder if the cost of braces or Invisalign is worth the benefits. If you’re wondering if orthodontic treatment is a worthwhile investment, read on to learn five ways it can save you money in the long run!

1.) Save on Routine Dental Care

Crooked or gapped teeth create spaces that trap plaque and bacteria. This can easily increase your risk of oral health issues like cavities and gum disease. Over time, an uneven smile can cost you thousands of dollars in routine dental care correcting these little problems. A straighter smile is easier to keep clean and less expensive to care for!

2.) Prevent the Price of Repairing Damaged Teeth

Misaligned teeth and an uneven bite also put a tremendous amount of extra wear and tear on your teeth. Over time, this can potentially wear down the protective shell of enamel on your teeth, putting them at risk of chipping, cracking, and breaking. Straightening out your smile can help you avoid the expenses associated with repairing damaged teeth with dental bonding, crowns, veneers, and other restorations.

3.) Avoid the Cost of Tooth Loss & Replacement

It should come as no surprise that when your teeth are subject to extra oral health problems and wear and tear, they’re inevitably more likely to fall out. Whether from a condition like gum disease or a sustained injury, the issues associated with untreated orthodontic problems can easily lead to tooth loss. Instead of running the risk of needing to replace your missing teeth with a bridge or dental implant, maximize their chances of staying in place for life with orthodontic treatment.

4.) Keep the Expenses of TMJ Dysfunction at Bay

Bite issues such as overbite, underbite, and crossbite place a tremendous amount of strain on your jaw joints. Over time, this stress can cause complications like a frequently stiff or sore jaw, and in some cases, TMJ dysfunction. These problems are not only painful, but they can cost quite a lot to treat depending on the severity of your case. Getting orthodontic treatment when you need it is essential for keeping your jaw healthy and pain-free.

5.) Pay Less for Overall Healthcare Costs

Did you know a pretty smile can improve your overall health? Numerous studies show that good oral health is associated with a lower risk of conditions like heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and more, and therefore, a lower cost in overall healthcare. Plus, getting a smile that you’re excited to show off can help lower blood pressure and ease stress, which can also help lower the cost of your healthcare.

There are plenty of good ways that the orthodontic treatment you need is a worthwhile investment. When you choose to get a straighter smile, your health and your wallet will thank you too!

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