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Why Are My Braces Making My Teeth Feel Loose?

Why Are My Braces Making My Teeth Feel Loose?

May 2, 2024

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If you’ve just kicked off your braces journey, you’re probably feeling quite excited to finally be working towards a straighter and healthier smile! However, one thing that many patients comment on is the bizarre sensation that their teeth feel loose while they’re wearing their braces. Continue reading below to learn more about how braces move teeth and why this can cause a feeling of looseness, along with why it isn’t anything you need to worry about, as it’s a sign your braces are doing their job correctly!

How Do Braces Move Teeth?

To move teeth, orthodontists rely on the targeted pressure provided by braces. The braces stretch and compress the periodontal ligament, which is the dense, fibrous tissue that attaches teeth to the alveolar bone. The side of the tooth that receives the pressure is pushed, while the side of the tooth that doesn’t receive pressure is stretched.

This stretching and compressing of the periodontal ligament is what creates a wider space for the teeth to move into, and over months of pressure, the bone is constantly broken down and rebuilt to accommodate the movement.

Why Do Braces Make My Teeth Feel Loose?

Teeth feel loose throughout this process because technically, they are loose! But loose teeth with braces aren’t the same as loose baby teeth before they fall out, or teeth that have loosened due to physical trauma.

With braces, your teeth are still securely attached to the periodontal ligament that’s connected to your jaw. The loose feeling results from the stretching and compressing of your periodontal ligament, and rest assured, your teeth aren’t going to be unattached from this tissue. Once they’ve moved to their new positions and the bone is fully rebuilt, your teeth won’t feel loose anymore – they’ll instead look and feel completely uniform and symmetrical!

Are My Teeth in Danger of Falling Out?

Wearing braces might make your teeth feel loose, but braces themselves cannot make your pearly whites fall out. However, keep in mind that poor oral hygiene with braces can potentially lead to tooth loss, as these bad habits can trigger gingivitis and gum disease that compromises the supportive tissue around your teeth. In some extreme cases, tooth extraction might be needed to keep the decay from spreading to surrounding teeth.

Although the pressure of your braces might seem worrisome, in the grand scheme of things, it absolutely isn’t something that will cause your teeth to fall out. So trust in your braces, keep your teeth clean, and enjoy your newly transformed smile at the end of your journey!

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